год будет таким:
air - plyground love
friendly fires - paris
florence and the machine - dog days are gone
carla bruni - those dancing days are gone
naomi - dragon tree
maroon 5 - misery
travis - re-offender
all green - let's stay together
bonobo - flutter
bonobo - plug in
bonobo - between the lines
bonobo - pick up
flunk - play
flunk - on my balcony
flunk - six seven times
flunk - blue monday
telepopmusic - close
telepopmusic - anyways
telepopmusic - brighton beach
telepopmusic - ghost girl
telepopmusic - love can damage your health
telepopmusic - 15 minutes
telepopmusic - another day
nauvelle vogue - dancing with myself
nauvelle vogue - in a manner of speaking
a fine frenzy - almost lover (instrumental)
a fine frenzy - come on, come out
a fine frenzy - blue christmas
a fine frenzy - borrowed time
a fine frenzy - hope for the hopeless

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